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Start your Avengarde journey with an Avengoût! Each month, you have the possibility to order 2g of Trim FREE! This offer is only valid once per person per month. On the first of each month, the counter resets to zero and you can get your little gift again.

For those of you who are already familiar with the Avengoût program, we have a excellent news! Since many of you have asked us to have more than 2g of trim per month, it is now possible for you to obtain more trim at a very advantageous price! You have the choice between 5g and 10g for 11.25.- and 20.- respectively. To order 5g or 10g of Good Swiss Trim Click here.

CBD pour Cuisiner

Trim is a mixture of small flowers and leaves containing resin. Even if it has a lower CBD rate than our flowers, you should know that our trim has a high CBD level. From 6 to 12% depending on the variety.

This mixture is used in particular for cooking and infusion in hot or cold drinks in order to benefit from the benefits of CBD by means other than smoke.


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Steve Duriaux
AROMA: Boisé, Fruité
EFFETS: Relaxé , Apaisé, Relaxation corporelle
RAISONS D’UTILISATIONS : Relaxation , Stress, Manque d’appétit, Insomnie
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Each month you have the opportunity to order 2 grams of Trim for free!