About Us


Since its discovery thousands of years ago, cannabis has always been a shared pleasure. What to enjoy with friends and family. Avengarde wants to maintain the culture of sharing that cannabis brings to this world. After all, to share is to care.

Avengarde products are handcrafted with the greatest care in the Lake Geneva region in Switzerland. This recreational and lifestyle brand is the starting point of our adventure and the origin of every product created by Babylon Sciences Group.

As a recreational brand, we market products such as cannabis flowers, pre-rolled cigarettes, e-liquids and vaporizers.


"It's serious. Just like the five founders of this company"

24 hours

"Babylon Sciences is active in researching the effects of CBD against epilepsy "

Balance sheet

"An important research work is carried out at the level of the selected and cultivated varieties"

Morning Sunday

"Babylon Sciences is active in researching the effects of CBD on the neurodevelopment of infant brains "


"It does not grow in fields, but in a state-of-the-art production center"