What is Cannabis Trim?

A mixture of leaves and small flowers resulting from the last stage of the Avengarde production process. It is used for many things: mixtures with teas, infusion in milk among other uses.

Due to the fact that it is made only of small flowers and leaves that were very close to it, it has a lower CBD level but close to that of the flowers you are used to smoking.

Our flowers being of Premium quality, we decided to offer you our trim so that you taste our product for free and test the different possible recipes with CBD. You have of course the choice among the trims of each of our 4 varieties.

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What are the possible uses?

What is the production process for the Trim?

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Possible uses


Thé au Cannabis CBD

You can mix the trim with tea for unique blends.

However, if you are particularly interested in the chemical properties of CBD, you can steep your trim milk overnight. The fat in milk absorbs the CBD molecules, giving you not only its taste qualities but also its active principle.

Boissons au Cannabis CBD

Aside from these two hot drinks, the CBD trim can be used for a plethora of drinks such as beer, vermouth, or brandy.


Cuisine au Cannabis CBD

From salads to cookies, the CBD trim can be used in countless amounts of recipes and brings real taste and body benefits to your recipes.

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CBD Trim production process at Avengarde

A cannabis plant goes through many stages before you actually consume it. It grows and flowers mature for about 10 weeks depending on the variety.

Then the plant is picked by our expert horticulturalists and passed on to Billy. Her job is to remove all of the large leaves from our CBD plant so that the flowers can be dried.

We present to you Billy. He is a stripper. Drying takes 2 weeks

Production de Cannabis CBD en Suisse

A plant before and after Billy.

Once the flowers are dry, it's Charlie's turn to take care of them. His job is to eat the buds full of leaves and spit out some pretty leafless ones.

We present to you Charlie, he is a trimmer.

Good Swiss Weed

Yes, Billy cuts the leaves but after Billy's passage there are still a large number of small leaves which are very close to the buds and which can only be removed when the flowers are dry.

What emerges from Charlie are 2 things: on the one hand the cannabis flowers you know and on the other hand the trim. The trim is therefore a mixture of leaves and small flowers which have fallen because Charlie is still very diligent. 

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