Discovery Joints Box Light - THC <0.2%

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100% Flowers - No nicotine - THC <0.2% 

The Discovery Joints Box allows you to taste 3 different varieties of our Good Swiss Weed while saving up to 15%. We have imagined a combination for every occasion, choose the one you prefer!

From morning to night : start with the Weedelweiss for a dynamic and productive start, continue with the Lemoncello for a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon and end with the Casper for a soothing and relaxing evening effectWeedelweiss + Lemoncello + Casper

Weekend vibes: enjoy your weekend with our sativa-dominant Lemoncello and hybrid Candy Kush for a euphoric, joyful and uplifting sensation and finish with our indica-dominant Casper for a relaxing and calming high. Lemoncello + Candy Kush + Casper

Energy combo: this trio of Good Swiss Weed is dedicated to sativa lovers. Choose our Weedelweiss, Lemoncello and Candy Kush if you are looking for stimulating and energizing effects that help focus. Lemoncello + Candy Kush + Weedelweiss

CBD Combo: for all CBD lovers. This trio contains a selection of our Good Swiss Weed with the highest concentration in CBD. Choose Weedelweiss, Casper, and Candy Kush if you want the intense benefits of CBD. Weedelweiss + Candy Kush + Casper

Capacity: 3 packets of Prerolls of different varieties. 5 joints of 0.7g per pack, 10.5g of pure flowers by Discovery Joints Box.

No branches, no leaves, no tobacco, unbleached and untreated leaves.

The new packaging keeps the quality and flavor of the joints without diffusing the fragrance.

Each joint has been rolled with a filter and natural rolling paper for maximum enjoyment.

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