3 ways to smoke CBD

There is a plethora of ways to use cannabis these days. Ranging from smokers to eczema cream, e-liquids and many other products based on extracts. Here we will exclusively cover the ways in which CBD can be consumed recreationally. Understand the difference between heating and burning the flower in its pure state and why many recommend heating cannabis rather than burning it.


1. Consumption of flowers in the state by combustion (by burning them)


By definition, combustion is the act of burning something and this is how cannabis is mostly consumed today when it comes to recreational use. Let it be and smoking a joint or by putting your favorite cannabis flower in a bong or in a pipe, this kind of consumption requires a high temperature and usually an open flame. By consuming the flower in this way you benefit from the entourage effect which is the interaction of all the components contained in the cannabis plant including cannabinoids and terpenes. However, studies show that smoking cannabis by burning it even pure and without tobacco can cause reversible damage to your lungs.


2. Consumption of flowers in their pure state via conduction or convection

Vaporisateur de CBD


If you are a traditional flower smoker and do not wish to switch to e-liquids or extract based concentrates, we have great news for you: Now you can vape your flowers. Indeed, state-of-the-art devices exist to allow you to smoke your flower either via conduction or via convection. In both cases, it involves heating your cannabis to a temperature between 165 ° C and 215 ° C. Only in the case of convection does your CBD flower come into contact with very hot air, while in the case of conduction it is in direct contact with the heat source. Since in both cases your flower ends up being heated and not burnt, this type of consumption is less likely to damage your lungs.


3. Consumption of extracts and concentrates

CBD Full Spectrum

E-liquids based on full spectrum extract


Also called raw extract, a full spectrum extract is the first form of extract that can be found in a cannabis-based e-liquid. Its specificity is that it contains all the desirable molecules that can be found in the plant. Therefore, if you consume an e-liquid based on this type of extract you will also benefit from the entourage effect that we told you about above. Products that contain full spectrum extracts have a stronger hemp taste.


CBD Broad Spectrum

E-liquids based on broad spectrum extract


A broad spectrum extract is obtained by taking the extraction process a little further by distilling the raw extract. The main objective of this process is to obtain an ingredient which is more concentrated in CBD and which contains absolutely no THC. This process also removes other molecules, leaving us with a broad spectrum instead of a full spectrum of beneficial components contained in the plant. A broad spectrum extract has a higher concentration of CBD, which makes the taste of hemp less present in the final product.

E-liquids and concentrates based on isolate

Isolat de CBD


CBD isolate is pure CBD that comes either as crystals or as a powder depending on the refinement method used to obtain it. E-liquids made from isolate are generally much stronger in CBD but only give you the benefits of CBD unlike the e-liquids mentioned above. It is also possible to purchase isolate pure or in a concentrate mixed with terpenes. There are concentrates made especially to heat them and consume them in smoke via a dab but thanks to technological advances there are now also state-of-the-art devices which allow you to consume your concentrates discreetly without having to go out and heat up a dab.

Vaporisateur pour concentrés
3 manières de fumer le CBD